Marketing in Iran: How to advertise in 2024

Marketing in Iran: How to advertise in 2024

Iran, with a population of approximately 88 million people, ranks as the second-largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa. The country is characterized by a sizable demographic of young, educated, and technologically proficient individuals, making it an ideal target audience for businesses interested in marketing in Iran.

However, owing to economic sanctions and political factors, the Iranian market remains relatively unexplored. In this blog of Deema, we will explore the opportunities available in Iran and highlight the most effective channels for advertising. Stay focused!

Introduction about marketing in Iran

Due to significant cultural and political factors, marketing in Iran differs considerably from other countries. It is crucial to stay informed about the current user behavior trends in Iran and identify the effective marketing channels worth investing in.

For a more comprehensive understanding and to gain a clearer insight into marketing in Iran, we will categorize the topic into two segments: digital marketing and offline marketing. Let’s start with digital marketing in Iran.

Digital marketing in Iran

What is happening in 2024 in Iranian digital marketing is enormous.  Due to digital marketing channels like influencer marketing, display advertising, social media advertising and other digital marketing channels, the market became bigger and bigger.

Here are some updated statistics on digital marketing in Iran:

A) More than 85% of Iranians access to the internet.
B) 25 million Iranians use Google's search engine daily.
C) Averagely every Iranian above 14, has made 200 online purchases in the past year.
D) Instagram, already a popular social media platform in Iran with over 50 million users monthly.
E) Telegram has more than 50 million active users in Iran.
F) In Iran, the Google Play Store is blocked, prompting Iranian Android users to rely on Café Bazzar as their primary app store.
G) Additionally, video-on-demand (VOD) services such as Netflix are restricted in Iran. As a result, Iranian users turn to local VOD platforms like Filimo and Namava.

Now, let's delve into the details!

Cafebazaar-The Iranian Play Store
Cafebazaar: The Iranian Play Store

Influencer marketing in Iran

In today's digital landscape, influencer marketing has become an increasingly vital bridge for businesses, especially in regions like Iran. This is partly due to the unique market challenges, such as the absence of sponsored ads on popular social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, a consequence of international sanctions.

Iran has a lively scene of influencers, with many well-known people who have a big impact on their followers. These influencers cover different areas and sectors, making them great for specific marketing efforts. Here's a lineup of the most renowned and impactful influencers in Iran:

some of the best influencers in Iran
some of the best influencers in Iran

Our expert marketing team in Deema, works with more than 5,000 of these influencers. This helps us create effective marketing campaigns that really speak to the right people.

Google ads: restricted but efficient

Running Google Ads in Iran is quite different and more challenging than in other places. This is because of certain restrictions that make it hard to target Iranian audiences in the usual way. So, digital marketing teams and agencies like Deema have to find unique methods for reaching people. Even with these challenges, more Iranian businesses are starting to use Google Ads.

In fact, recent statistics show that over 20% of them are now regularly incorporating Google Ads into their strategies. As Google's search engine is widely used, focusing on SEO and Google Ads is becoming increasingly important in Iran.

Display advertising in Iran

In Iran, using various types of display advertising on different websites is crucial for businesses to get their brand noticed. These ads, like banners, native ads, and pre-rolls, are available on many popular websites with millions of daily users. These websites cover a wide range of topics, from sports and finance to general content, providing opportunities for successful advertising campaigns.

Offline Marketing in Iran

In the face of increasing digitalization, offline marketing continues to hold its relevance in Iran, offering businesses unique opportunities to connect with their audience. While it's essential to adapt and incorporate digital strategies, the value of billboard advertising, television and radio advertising, and outdoor advertising should not be underestimated.

Billboard advertising

Billboard advertising in Iran, despite its unique set of challenges and regulations, continues to be a powerful marketing tool. It has successfully helped businesses in creating brand awareness, driving sales, and influencing consumer behavior.

While businesses need to be mindful of the cultural and religious sensitivities of the Iranian market, the benefits offered by billboard advertising make it a worthwhile investment for marketers.

Billboard advertising in Iran
Billboard advertising in Iran

Television and Radio advertising

Television remains one of the most influential mediums in Iran, reaching millions of households every day. It offers a broad audience scope and high viewership rates. Television advertising is ideal for creating impactful, memorable advertisements through the use of engaging visuals and audio elements.


Even with some challenges, marketing in Iran is fascinating. The opportunities make it clear that investing in Iran's market is a smart move.

Deema, one of the most seasoned digital advertising companies in Iran, has collaborated with numerous Iranian and international brands. contact us for a special consultation and proposal.