Display Advertising

Display advertising is the oldest and most common type of digital advertising. Similar to traditional advertising methods such as TV, billboards, etc., it allows businesses to reach wide ranges of target audiences. But it has significant advantages such as targeting, reporting, and budget flexibility. Display advertising can be performed in three main formats: banner, video, and native ads. Thanks to our advanced programmatic DSP and SSP platforms and with the help of open RTB technology, serving display ads is done automatically with the best possible prices. The sophisticated targeting features of our programmatic platform enables us to design and run accurately targeted campaigns without wasting any budget.

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The three types of display advertising

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Banner Ads

Banner ad is the simplest and most cost-effective digital advertising format. For running a banner advertising campaign, you only need to design an attractive image with a catchy message and leave the rest to us. Banner ads can be static or animated. You can also insert a video or interactive element inside a banner and invite users to do any kind of interaction (such as clicking, installing the app, subscribing, etc.). Deema Agency has an extensive ad network for banner ads including websites, mobile apps, games, etc through which can reach a wide range of audiences.

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Video Advertising

Video advertising has become one of the most effective methods of online advertising today. A well-crafted video captures users' attention and makes them interact with it. In this type of advertising, you have more time to convey your message to the audience. Statistics show that video ads are 5 times more effective than static ads. There are several types of video ads, some of which are as follows:

  • Mobile Video Ads
  • Native Video Ads
  • Interstitial Video Ads
  • In-banner Videos
  • Rewarded Video Ads
  • In-stream Video Ads
  • Reveal Video Ads
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Native advertising

Native advertising is a form of advertising that looks very similar in terms of format and content to the platform in which it appears, so the users do not notice at first glance that they are watching ads. As users become more and more exposed to online advertising, they subconsciously ignore them. Native ads are now becoming more popular since people don't overlook them because of banner blindness. This type of advertising is great for encouraging users to visit your business website or landing page.