Social Media Advertising

Social Media provides unique opportunities for brands. According to a report published in 2019, 47 million people in Iran use social networks. This figure indicates more than 57% social media penetration rate among the Iranian people. One of the most significant concerns of brands is how to make the most of social media popularity and use this opportunity to increase their sales. As a leading advertising agency in Iran, we use our extensive knowledge about the Iranian social media ecosystem for helping brands to find the best ways for social media advertising. We design and run multichannel social media advertising campaigns and optimize them in a way to achieve brands’ expected business targets.

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Advantages of Deema Agency’s social media advertising services

social media advertising Optimal budget

Optimal budget distribution in different social networks

Possibility of targeting the audience

Possibility of targeting the audience

Using various advertising formats

Using various advertising formats in local and international social networks

	Focusing on delivering results

Focusing on delivering results

	Having access to pages and influencers

Having access to a large variety of pages and influencers

Wide range of audience

Wide range of audience

Types of social media advertising

Advertising on social media

Advertising on social media popular pages and channels

The focus of this type of advertising is on working with popular social media pages and channels and benefiting from their wide range of audiences. We design and perform such campaigns on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Rubika and Gap (local), and other social networks for brands. One of the most significant advantages of this type of advertising is its targeting possibilities based on audience interests and demographic characteristics, and geographical focus area of the page or channel.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing means working with people who have many followers on social networks for promoting products and services of a brand. Statistics show that observing the use of a product by influencers can convince up to 40% of their followers to purchase the product online. The advantage of working with influencers is that they change the ad according to their knowledge about their followers and optimize it in a way that is most appealing and acceptable to them.

Social media sponsored ads

A sponsored ad is a post that is boosted on a social network by paying advertising fees. Social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube provide this possibility for individuals and brands to give them the opportunity to show their posts to more people. Deema Agency is the first agency in Iran that offers social network sponsored advertising services with the possibility of targeting Iranian users. The advantages of this type of advertising are flexibility of the budget and very precise targeting of the audience.