Affiliate marketing in Iran

Affiliate marketing in Iran

As online shopping grows in Iran, more people are making money by promoting products on social media and websites. affiliate marketing in Iran becoming really popular because it helps businesses sell more stuff and find new customers.

Even though affiliate marketing is new in Iran, it's catching on fast. In this blog, we'll talk about how it works in Iran and introduce Deema Affiliate. It's a big program that helps people track their affiliate sales. They have over 11,000 people promoting products and working with more than 80 online stores. So, stick around to learn more!

Before we jump into the main topic, it's worth noting that if you're unfamiliar with marketing in Iran, we've recently published some up-to-date content about it. We highly recommend checking that out!

Now, let's start with the basics: what exactly is affiliate marketing?

what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a new way of online advertising where businesses and media work together to sell products. Here's how it works: Media advertise products or services, and when they make a sale, businesses pay them a percentage as a commission.

In affiliate marketing, there are typically four main players:

1. The business that offers the product or service.

2. The affiliate or publisher who promotes the business's product on their channels.

3. The affiliate program, which provides the technical platform to track performance for both the affiliate and the business.

4. The customer who buys the product through the affiliate's link.

affiliate marketing with
affiliate marketing with

affiliate marketing in Iran

Affiliate marketing is a recent development in Iran, and major marketplaces such as Digikala, Khanoumi, Technolife, and others are already adopting this approach. Businesses are turning to affiliate marketing because it proves to be an efficient strategy. They only pay when users take specific actions, whether it's signing up or making a purchase, making it a cost-effective choice for their marketing programs.

how affiliate marketers make money?

In Iran, affiliate marketers mainly earn money through commissions on the sales they generate for businesses. However, there are other ways they can make money too. For instance, Deema Affiliate pays per session during major campaigns run by businesses. This means you can also get paid during events like Black Friday or Valentine's Day campaigns through Deema Affiliate.

best categories for affiliate marketing in Iran

There are 2 main categories in affiliate marketing that can bring in the most income for publishers. The first and most popular category is health, beauty, and cosmetic products. Many publishers are attracted to this category because they can join affiliate programs offered by various businesses like Khanoumi, Shavaz, Mosbate Sabz Pharmacy, Rozha Shop, and more.

The second most popular category in affiliate marketing is digital products such as cell phones, laptops, and accessories. Publishers can create content about these products and partner with businesses like Technolife, Digikala, Meghdad IT, and Beroozkala to sell them.

Additionally, there are other interesting categories for affiliate marketing, including travel, fashion, clothing, and FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).


In conclusion, affiliate marketing in Iran offers an excellent way to connect with new customers. Platforms like Deema Affiliate provide businesses with valuable opportunities to increase product sales through performance marketing channels.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing in Iran, feel free to ask! Don't forget to visit our website. Deema offers comprehensive digital marketing services in Iran and provides international businesses with top advertising solutions in the MENA region.