Day Insurance Campaign Case Study

Day Insurance Campaign Case Study

“Day Insurance” is one of the top 5 insurance companies in Iran. In this article we explain the details of a digital advertising campaign that we designed and executed for them.

The challenge

Following the trend of growing Insurance market in Iran, Day Insurance was faced with some new businesses introduced to the market. At that point, the main challenge is that Day Insurance stays the top-of-mind brand.

The solution

As a winning strategy, it was necessary to remind the customers of Day's positioning. The main idea was to build the campaign message on how the performance of Day insurance was successful in the last year with transparency in numbers and reports.

The target audience was chosen for both genders (male and female) with the age of 30 to 45 in medium class and average income who have the financial ability to pay a monthly small cost of life insurance. Based on the target audience and their digital behavior, advertising models and media were selected as below:

  • In-app rewarded video ads
  • Website Pre-roll video ads
  • Website and in-app banner display ad
  • Telegram ads

The result

The highest CTR came from two app categories: Racing and Casual games.

The most ad impression came from the Tools and Utility category websites and mobile applications.

Results divided into ad types are as below:

CTR over different banner sizes is varied between 0.08 to 0.77. the highest CTR was gotten from the 480x72 banner.

During the campaign optimization, the most effective factors in rising CTR had identified and as a result, the final CTR was improved by 29% from the start.

In less than two weeks a total number of 800K view were resulted in Telegram Channels. The best performance

Final results:

  • +8M impressions in 2 weeks
  • +60K clicks
  • Average CTR 0.8%